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  • Nov242021

    The Hebrew University Highly Ranked as Producer of Entrepreneurs

    Four Israeli universities were listed in PitchBook’s 2021 ranking of 50 leading undergraduate programs that produce the most VC-backed entrepreneurs.

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  • Nov192021

    Hebrew University Alumni feature highly in Israel’s most promising Under-40s

    The daily business newspaper ‘The Marker’ has issued its 40 Under 40, 2021, the most promising innovative and entrepreneurial winners on the scene. 13 of the 40 are Hebrew University Alumni.

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  • Nov172021

    A WAY IN: Newly-Identified State in Bacteria Has Major Implications for Antibiotic Treatment and Resistant Strains

    It’s easy to forget that there are also many types of bacteria threatening human health – our survival depends on the constant quest for new antibiotics that can destroy them.

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  • Nov162021

    Keeping Data Secure on The Internet: Quantum Encryption Advances at Hebrew University

    Quantum computers will revolutionize our computing lives. For some critical tasks they will be mind-bogglingly faster and use much less electricity than today’s computers.

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  • Nov132021

    Hebrew University Professor Yuval Noah Harari Featured on 60 Minutes

    60 Minutes correspondent Anderson Cooper speaks with historian and Hebrew University Prof. Yuval Noah Harari to discuss his bestselling book on the evolution of humankind.

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  • Nov102021

    3D Printing Nano-Resonators: Towards Miniaturized and Multifunctional Sensors

    Micro-electro-mechanical devices (MEMS) are based on the integration of mechanical and electrical components on a micrometer scale.

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  • Nov092021

    Hebrew University’s Efforts to Ensure a Safer and Greener Planet with Professor Yael Mishael

    Leading the university’s mission to promote a greener campus is Professor Yael Mishael of The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Director of Hebrew University’s new Center for Sustainability.

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  • Nov092021

    Siege Ramps and Breached Walls: Ancient Warfare and the Assyrian Conquest Of Lachish

    Back in the day, the Assyrians were one of the Near East’s superpowers, controlling a land mass that stretched from Iran to Egypt.

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  • Nov052021

    Ireland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence, Simon Coveney visits the Hebrew University

    After an impressive campus tour, the Minister delivered a fascinating lecture to students on Israel-Ireland relations titled Ireland on the UN Security Council: Perspectives on the Middle East Region.

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  • Oct192021

    ASPER-HUJI Innovate wins prestigious international prize

    The GCEC includes 300 universities from around the world, and the awards were announced during the GCEC conference in Baltimore on October 15-16, hosted by Loyola University Maryland and the University of Baltimore.

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