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  • Feb232021

    E.T. Phones Home!

    Hebrew University Researchers Observe First Evidence of Delayed Radio Flares from Tidal Disruption Event by a Black Hole

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  • Feb212021

    Legends of Tomorrow’ – Hebrew University Medical Faculty researchers

    We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but we can be certain that Hebrew University students will always continue their pursuit of knowledge and the revolutionary breakthroughs.

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  • Feb202021

    The Revivim Progamme at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Celebrating 20 years developing Jewish Studies educators

    Revivim offers these excellent students the opportunity to complete a B.A. and M.A. in Jewish Studies, as well as teacher certification, in four concentrated years of study.

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  • Feb152021

    RECTOR’S FEBRUARY 20201 NEWSLETTER – Prof Barak Medina

    The Rector has issued his latest update which includes news prestigious prize awards, Covid matters (research and students impact), planning for the 2021/22 academic year and more.

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  • Feb132021

    The Rappaport Prize is awarded to Prof Yehudit Bergman

    Professor Yehudit Bergman from the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine has been announced winner of the Rappaport Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research.

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  • Feb102021

    Israel prize awarded to Prof Yair Yakovitch

    This year’s Israel Prize for Biblical Studies has been awarded to Professor Yair Zakovitch, from the Faculty of Humanities.

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  • Feb092021

    Law Faculty Prof Yuval Shany considers online free speech in Fortune

    The dramatic events of Jan. 6, 2021, the first takeover of the U.S. Capitol building since 1812, mark a possible tipping point in the power relationship between the U.S. government and the major online platforms.

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  • Feb082021

    An End to invasive Biopsies?

    Hebrew University Researchers Advance Simple and Inexpensive Diagnostic Blood Test that has the potential to diagnose a wide array of diseases including cancers, liver diseases, immune disorders and more.

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  • Feb042021

    A 120,000 Year Old Message?

    Hebrew University Researchers share in project uncovering prehistoric bone with etchings believed to be among the oldest evidence of human use of symbols.

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  • Jan292021

    Recognising British Friends Chairman Isaac Kaye

    ‘Jewish News’ includes BFHU Chairman Isaac Kaye, in its feature ‘120 over 80 – meet our mentors!’, celebrating the oldest and wisest of the UK Jewish community.

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