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  • Apr262021

    We’ve been at it a long time

    Hebrew University Researchers Unveil Oldest Evidence of Human Activity in African Desert Cave.

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  • Apr252021

    A Request to all Solicitors

    We are turning to our legal supporters, solicitors, who might be willing to agree to draft a limited number of simple Wills free of charge to any of our donors who wish to leave a legacy to BFHU in their Will.

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  • Apr222021

    Going Green: as World Celebrates Earth Day, Hebrew University Launches New Academic Center for Sustainability

    Center to Promote Research Initiatives Alongside University’s “Green Campus” Sustainability Programs

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  • Apr202021

    Gamgee and Hebrew University Partner on the Development of Pioneering Machine Learning Algorithms to Protect Smart Homes and IoT

    The two parties aim to develop a technology that overcomes MAC address randomisation for identification purposes while maintaining high standards of data privacy.

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  • Apr192021

    Bad to the bone

    Hebrew University Reveals Negative Impact of Junk Food on Kids’ Skeletal Development

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  • Apr122021

    Hebrew University (HU) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Establish Quantum Computing Research Agreement

    First Agreement between AWS and an Israeli Academic Institution to Develop Quantum Technologies

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  • Apr082021

    Holocaust Experience and Mortality Patterns: 4-Decade Follow-up in a Population-based Cohort

    Study of mortality associated with exposure to the Holocaust is relevant for better understanding the effects of man-made massive killings on survivors.

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  • Apr062021

    Wish you were here at the Hebrew University

    Enjoy and share these four short informal but informative hosted video tours of our beautiful campuses

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  • Apr022021

    University of Toronto and the Hebrew University launch groundbreaking alliance

    An international fundraising campaign is underway for the University of Toronto – Hebrew University of Jerusalem Research & Innovation Alliance.

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  • Apr022021

    Monkeys Have Conscious and Non-Conscious Minds

    Joint Hebrew U-Yale University Study Provides New Glimpse into Animal Cognition: Monkeys Have Conscious and Non-Conscious Minds

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