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  • May242022

    Hebrew University Appoints New Rector – Professor Tamir Sheafer

    Sheafer Replaces Prof. Barak Medina, Hebrew University Rector Since 2017

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  • May232022

    Out of the Lab Series with Dr. Yedid Hoshen

    In this episode of Out of the Lab, we hear from Dr. Yedid Hoshen. Dr. Hoshen tells us about his career, from the University of Oxford to trading stocks to now leading a lab that runs the most cutting-edge deep learning machines.

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  • May182022

    Where were Herod the Great’s Royal Alabaster Bathtubs Quarried?

    New study provides definitive evidence of the origin of the alabaster whose quality met Herod’s lavish standards.

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  • May172022

    Groundbreaking Research Could Lead to Better Understanding of Human Infertility

    Hebrew University Study of Zebrafish Ovaries Discovers New Structure Vital for Normal Egg Development.

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  • May172022

    Ecuadoran President Guillermo Lasso Visits Hebrew University

    Ecuadoran President Guillermo Lasso became the 1st sitting president of his country to visit Israel. He arrived with a 100-member delegation that will remain in country for two weeks to visit Israeli universities and innovative projects.

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  • May132022

    HUJI Bites: The Future of Plants: Thinking Inside the Box

    In this HUJI Bite, Dr. Niv DeMalach from Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture finds the answers in a box.

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  • May072022

    Out of the Lab Series with Dr. Uri Stoin

    In this episode of Out of the Lab, we hear from Dr. Uri Stoin, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Chemistry about his experiences in the classroom as a Russian immigrant, his passion for green technologies, and meeting environmental challenges with tech applications.

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  • May032022

    Chiune Sugihara – Japanese Diplomat who saved many Jewish lives during the Holocaust

    During the Second World War, Sugihara helped thousands of Jews flee Europe by issuing transit visas to them so that they could travel through Japanese territory, risking his job and the lives of his family.

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  • Apr302022

    HUJI Bites: Quantum Leap: Understanding the Science of Superconductivity

    On this episode of HUJI Bites we’ll speak to Dr. Yonathan Anahory, senior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Racah Institute of Physics. Anahory and his team of researchers are using a novel microscopy technique to show for the first time how these vortices move in superconducting materials and how fast they may travel.

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  • Apr192022

    Hebrew University Weekly Snippets 14

    In this week’s snippets: Includes the Chaim Herzog Prize, conference on state-level quality control, rising food insecurity amongst Israel youth, HUJI cast ‘spintronics’

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