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  • Apr292020

    Summer online study at the Hebrew University

    Study abroad opportunities – virtually –  in Jerusalem, at the renowned Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University, now with 20% reduction in tuition…

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  • Apr272020

    How to Manage the COVID-19 Pandemic without Destroying the Economy:

    In a new study published online on, Profs. David Gershon, Alexander Lipton and Hagai Levine show that based on real-life…

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  • Apr252020

    HE Mark Regev, Israel’s Ambassador to the UK – a personal message

    Click Here to watch the personal message of thanks to British Friends of the Hebrew University from HE Israel Ambassador…

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  • Apr242020


    Across the world the Coronavirus is having a devastating effect; the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is not exempt and faces…

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  • Apr232020

    Watch webinar of Prof. Yuval Shany on the use of Digital Surveillance in Israel to combat COVID-19

    Click here to watch the webinar

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  • Apr212020

    Coronavirus Colloqium – Does the Coronavirus Have an Achilles Heel?

    Learn about what are some of the approaches being taken by Hebrew University researchers towards a better understanding of the…

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  • Apr202020

    Watch the Hebrew University Webinars – ENGLISH AND HEBREW

    One might assume that there are no Hebrew University events happening as the world is in lockdown due to Covid-19.…

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  • Apr152020

    Hebrew University helps to unearth Rare figurines at lost biblical city

    Ancient artefacts dating back 3,300 years have been unearthed by Macquarie University archaeologists at a long-lost city believed to be…

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  • Apr132020

    Hebrew University Researchers Develop COVID-19 Diagnostic Test that is 10x Faster

    Media outlets around the world have reported a shortage of COVID-19 testing materials.  This shortage slows down the rate of…

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  • Apr092020

    Scientists from the Hebrew University develop low cost portable ventilator

    Israeli scientists have developed a portable inexpensive ventilator, costing around 500 U.S. dollars per unit, said the Hebrew-language news website…

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