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Yissum Expands Global Reach: Establishes Strategic Partnerships in the United States, South America and China

24 January 2019

New partnerships will facilitate regional commercialization of Hebrew University technologies and multi-national academic collaborationsRead More

We Need to Rethink Everything We Know About Global Warming, says Hebrew University Researcher

22 January 2019

New Calculations show Scientists have Grossly Underestimated the Effects of Air PollutionRead More

Putting the squeeze on fruit-juice sugars

14 January 2019

Israeli company Better Juice brings together oranges and high-tech to create a healthier glass of OJRead More

Israeli inventor of car cameras says self-driving vehicles are future of artificial intelligence

14 January 2019

Amnon Shashua, cofounder and chief technology officer of the Israeli company Mobileye, lives and works at the vanguard of self-driving carsRead More

Israeli debate team defeats best universities in the world

10 January 2019

The team competed against some of the best universities in the world, including Oxford University and Harvard UniversityRead More

Say Shalom to Israel’s Cannabis Industry

8 January 2019

Israel’s cannabis industry has a long history of innovation and revolutionary research, and that history will be the country’s biggest advantage in the emerging international cannabis marketRead More

Fellow writers, Natalie Portman mourn death of ‘brave’ ‘mensch’ Amos Oz

8 January 2019

Author David Grossman says ‘the world is diminished a little’ with Oz’s passing; A.B. Yehoshua eulogizes a ‘wonderful writer’ and friendRead More

The Annual Sacher Lecture in Memory of John Sacher

20 December 2018

The annual Sacher lecture in memory of John Sacher was held on November 20, 2018Read More

BFHU Women’s Group Chanukah party

11 December 2018

The BFHU Women’s Group held their ever-popular Chanukah party in early December, kindly hosted by the Committee’s Vice President, Mrs Stella Lucas, with guests enjoying an evening of musical entertainment with candle-lighting and festive refreshmentsRead More

Hundreds of Photos Found From When Israel’s War of Independence Raged

10 December 2018

From a burning photography store, Moshe Carmel rescued four albums whose bounty starts with the Muslim-Jewish riots of 1929. The pictures are now on display in JerusalemRead More