• Dec042017

    The Inaugural Annual Sacher Lecture

    Prof. Robert Post delivered the Inaugural Annual Sacher Lecture, a fascinating and important lecture on freedom of speech in the…

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  • Jun252017

    A simple test to identify diseases from dying cells could save lives

    Prof. Yuval Dor and Dr. Ruth Shemer receive Kaye Innovation Award for developing a way to detect specific tissue damage…

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  • Jun222017

    Algorithm leads to a dramatic improvement in drug discovery methods  

    An algorithm developed at the Hebrew University cuts through the immense number of possible solutions to shorten drug discovery times…

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  • Jun212017

    Simple Method Measures How Long Bacteria Can Wait Out Antibiotics

    The efficient classification of bacterial strains as tolerant, resistant, or persistent could help to guide treatment decisions, and could ultimately…

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  • Oct062016

    What are Values of a Two-Year College or university.

    Sophisticated schooling within this country is immediately turning into a necessity during the business enterprise group in contrast to an…

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  • May311999


    This is my first post!

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