• Jun042022

    Israeli neuroscientist wins prestigious Gruber Neuroscience Prize

    Professor Haim Sompolinsky pioneered research on collective behavior and informational processing of large, complex neural circuits in the brain.

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  • Jun012022

    A World First: Hebrew University Engineers Enhanced Cannabis Strain With 20% More THC

    Findings will help develop new strains for medical Cannabis users and increase crop yields.

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  • May302022

    Back to School: In Honor of Jerusalem Day, Israel’s Knesset, Headed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Holds Special Session at Hebrew University’s Safra Campus

    In honor of Jerusalem Day, a special session of Israel’s Knesset, headed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, was held at the Hebrew University (HU)’s Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) at the Edmond J. Safra Campus in Jerusalem.

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  • May252022

    Making a Better World

    Watch the latest version of our “Milestones” movie alongside 6 Hebrew University researchers all focused on global challenges and solutions for a better world.

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  • May242022

    Hebrew University Appoints New Rector – Professor Tamir Sheafer

    Sheafer Replaces Prof. Barak Medina, Hebrew University Rector Since 2017

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  • May232022

    Out of the Lab Series with Dr. Yedid Hoshen

    In this episode of Out of the Lab, we hear from Dr. Yedid Hoshen. Dr. Hoshen tells us about his career, from the University of Oxford to trading stocks to now leading a lab that runs the most cutting-edge deep learning machines.

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  • May182022

    Where were Herod the Great’s Royal Alabaster Bathtubs Quarried?

    New study provides definitive evidence of the origin of the alabaster whose quality met Herod’s lavish standards.

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  • May172022

    Groundbreaking Research Could Lead to Better Understanding of Human Infertility

    Hebrew University Study of Zebrafish Ovaries Discovers New Structure Vital for Normal Egg Development.

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  • May172022

    Ecuadoran President Guillermo Lasso Visits Hebrew University

    Ecuadoran President Guillermo Lasso became the 1st sitting president of his country to visit Israel. He arrived with a 100-member delegation that will remain in country for two weeks to visit Israeli universities and innovative projects.

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  • May132022

    HUJI Bites: The Future of Plants: Thinking Inside the Box

    In this HUJI Bite, Dr. Niv DeMalach from Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture finds the answers in a box.

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