• Jul182022

    Diagnosis of Early-stage Parkinson’s Disease now Possible with New Method Developed at Hebrew University

    Parkinson’s is a progressive and debilitating disease of the brain that eventually compromises patients’ ability to walk and even to talk. Its diagnosis is complex, and in the early stages – impossible.

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  • Jul152022

    Nurturing diversity and inclusivity on campus at the Hebrew University

    Prof Mona Khoury-Kassabri visits the British Friends.

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  • Jul142022

    Hebrew University Scientists Find the Most Primitive Blueprint for Embryo Cell Creation

    Team identifies 14,000 sites on the genome of embryo stem cells that control the development of all embryonic organs.

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  • Jul132022

    The Rector’s July 2022 Newsletter – Prof Barak Medina

    The Rector has issued his latest update which includes news prestigious prize awards, international researchers, equal pay for employees, seminar papers and much more.

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  • Jul122022

    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem community mourns the passing of Mrs. Lily Safra (z”l)

    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem community, including our Friends around the world, mourns the passing of Mrs. Lily Safra (z”l), and sends our deepest condolences to the Safra family.

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  • Jul122022

    Senior Appointments at the Hebrew University Includes Four New Deans – Law, Social Sciences, Agriculture, Food and Environment and Education

    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has announced the appointment of four new deans who will take up their posts at the beginning of the upcoming academic year in October 2022.

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  • Jul062022

    Viroblock, a Hebrew University Startup, Announces Preliminary Success of Anti-viral Drug Platform

    New drug targets common viruses and could treat current and future COVID-19 variants, Influenza, Zika, West Nile, Hepatitis and future threats.

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  • Jul022022

    Out of the Lab Series with Prof. Eran Sharon

    In this episode of Out of the Lab, we hear from Prof. Yossi Buganim who sees the world through the eyes of a physicist and experimentalist. Leading the new field of 4-D and self-morphing, he and his team are going to transform the way we literally see the world.

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  • Jun292022

    Scott McDonald, British Council CEO – mind-stretching visit to HU

    Scott McDonald, is currently President and Chief Executive of global consultancy firm Oliver Wyman Group will become British Council Chief Executive from 01 September.

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  • Jun282022

    New Study Finds Doctors Prescribe Fewer Painkillers During Nightshifts Than During The Day

    Hebrew University & Hadassah Medical Center researchers attribute discrepancy in pain med prescriptions at emergency rooms in US and israel to reduced empathy.

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