• Mar282018

    Just in Time for Passover: Dozens of “Freedom Coins” from Jewish Revolt against Rome (66-70 C.E.) Discovered in Cave near Jerusalem Temple Mount

    Bronze coins, the last remnants of a four-year Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire were found near the Temple Mount…

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  • Mar252018

    Smaller and Faster: The Terahertz Computer Chip is now Within Reach

    Hebrew University Researcher Shows Proof of Concept for Nanotechnology that will make Computers Run 100 Times Faster Following three years…

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  • Mar052018

    A Tiger May Not Change its Spots but Venomous Creatures Tweak Their Venom Recipe Many Times in a Lifetime

    Hebrew University researcher discovers Darwinism at work, as sea anemones adapt their venom to accommodate changing prey and sea conditions…

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  • Feb222018

    Jews and Arabs at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: They are fellow students. Can they be friends, too?

    The university is one of the few places in Jerusalem where Jews and Arabs come in contact. Here they talk about…

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  • Jan302018

    Packed audience learns about Autism

    Prof Cory Shulman, head of the Hebrew University Centre for Autism addressed a large audience on Tuesday 30 January explaining…

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  • Jan222018

    Israel’s gift to Africa

    Jerusalem public health program continues to attract African students A LANDMARK year in Israeli foreign policy, 2017 saw some promising…

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  • Jan112018

    Albert Einstein Heads to Taiwan

    Einstein’s Nobel Prize, Theory of Relativity, Letters to Lovers and Vinyl Record Collection on Display at First-Ever Asia Exhibit For…

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  • Dec212017

    Centre for Jewish Art

    Centre for Jewish Art We would like to draw your attention to two important books recently published: The Carved Wooden…

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  • Dec182017

    Friend or Foe? How the Unconscious Mind Picks Out Faces in a Crowd

    Hebrew University Researcher Discovers Dominance and Threat Top the List of Faces a Brain will Quickly Register Within a Crowd…

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  • Dec042017

    The Inaugural Annual Sacher Lecture

    Prof. Robert Post delivered the Inaugural Annual Sacher Lecture, a fascinating and important lecture on freedom of speech in the…

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